Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. I placed an order on a sold out or pre order item, what happens now?

- If the item is truly sold out and we are unable to fulfill your order we will refund your payment within 7-10 business days, if not sooner. If the item clearly states PRE ORDER in the description you can expect your item to ship to you beginning on the shipping date stated in the description. You may always contact us at info@moppetslife.com be sure to include your order #


  1. The item I ordered does not fit my child, how can I return?

- You have 14 business days from the time you received the item to contact us and let us know you wish to return the item. Please see our "policies and returns" page for further instructions or information. 


  1. How can I or my child become an influencer for your store?

-Follow us on Instagram www.instagram.com/moppetslife and direct message us. Or email us at info@moppetslife.com